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    Through out the new series The Legend of Korra. Avatar Korra has many flashbacks of Avatar Aang. You see that when Korra has a flashback it is always involving Avatar Aang in 128 AG also it seems that she is always getting knocked out by somebody. In the first flashback, Amon knocks her out. In the second flashback, she is being knocked out by lightning. In the third Councilmen Tarrlok is knocking her out. At a trial for Yokone, it is not clear yet what the reason for this trial is. As stated by Councilmen Tarrlok In the beginning of episode four "The Voice In The Night". " Think back, 42 years ago Republic City was threated by another dangerous man Yokone. Your father wasn't afraid to deal with him head on ".

    But as you see in the very fir…

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