I am new to the Avatar wikia page. Woo-hoo. Let me express my feelings. I am a canon-loving person. I believe fanon is a problem with popular stories and shows. I am also an expressed Kataang, Sukka, Maiko shipper. Believed in those three pairs from the start, and I was right. People who argue against the canon are like Chin the Conqueror trying to take Kyoshi Island from it's namesake Avatar. And for those specific, relentless Zutarans that are just angry because their distorted and unrealistic pairing wouldn't have a chance in the Spirit World let alone the physical world of Avatar. I wish Zutarans (and to some degree Jetarans and Hutarans) to be energybended and dethroned. Otherwise, I plan to have fun on this wiki. Long live the Avatar!

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