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    Episode reviews

    July 29, 2014 by Avatar Alpha

    Not much to say here. It's my first blog post ever actually and I've decided to do episode reviews for both Avatar series in no real order. They won't be very long and they won't be every episode because I may just not feel like it. I will practice this the most with ATLA. Enjoy!

    1. "Sokka's Master"

    Gotta agree with fruitpit for the most part, this episode was pretty weak, probably because I'm not much for Sokka. But seriously, the guy spent two and a half seasons at that point holding his own with benders and even pulled a big save against Mai and Tylee. {How you gonna fight without your bending?" "I seem to manage!"} His confidence was never all that shaken then, but here he's told to stay back for the first and ONLY time...against a meteo…

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