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Legend of Korra Book 1 Season Finale


To all of you who were disappointed about the finale, might I suggest you think things through. To the people were expecting a jaw-dropping finale like the last episode of A:TLA Book 3, stop and read.

The reason why the last episode of A:TLA Book 3 was so incredible is because it was a series finale. It ended the first series of Avatar. If you were expecting the LoK: Book 1 season finale to be as breathtaking as that; sir, you need to rethink your actions. There will be a book 2, that episode didn’t end the series. It was equivalent to “The Siege of the North ” - the finale for A:TLA Book 1 which was just as good as “Endgame .”

Although yes, there are some flaws in the last episode but it isn’t completely horrible!

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