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    To all of you who were disappointed about the finale, might I suggest you think things through. To the people were expecting a jaw-dropping finale like the last episode of A:TLA Book 3, stop and read.

    The reason why the last episode of A:TLA Book 3 was so incredible is because it was a series finale. It ended the first series of Avatar. If you were expecting the LoK: Book 1 season finale to be as breathtaking as that; sir, you need to rethink your actions. There will be a book 2, that episode didn’t end the series. It was equivalent to “The Siege of the North ” - the finale for A:TLA Book 1 which was just as good as “Endgame .”

    Although yes, there are some flaws in the last episode but it isn’t completely horrible!

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    You are all probably going to hate me for showing you this but forgive me for I must. Remember M. Night Shyamalan's movie The Last Airbender? Remember how he just completely ripped out the show, butchered it into pieces, hammered it with a mallet and completely ripping the franchise in half?

    I don't know if M. Night Shyamallama even watched the whole series before making the film. I'm not here to rant about the bad acting, the complete removal of humor and the film's boring way of telling the story, I'm already tired of doing that. I'm just here to let you enjoy this video.

    Things are about to get worse. So much worse. Watch the video posted below with caution, you might just punch a hole through your monitor after you're done.

    Watch The Last Airben…

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    Avatar: The Last Airbender - the best cartoon/anime I have ever seen. There are several things that make it great and I will enumerate them one by one.

    First, the originality of the series. The thought of a world wherein people that can control the four fundamental elements called benders exist. That's a first in history.


    Second is the action. The fight scenes weren't just blurred unlike several animes like Naruto, no offense Naruto fans. When benders fight, you'll see every strike, every form, every stance and every movement of the characters. What's better is that they're all correct since the writers did their homework and hired a real martial arts consultant - Sifu Kisu.

    Third, the anonymity. You didn't really know who or what the charact…

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