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Im back!

Guys im back, for real this time because before I said I was back but just left again after a week. So im informing all people out there of this because i want people to message me again! I love talking to people so fell free to send me anything! anything at all even advertising a fanon!

Ive been gone for a while and i have many reasons for that:

  • school its over now, yay!
  • Minecraft i had switched over to being a minecraft adict for a while but avatar adict is a better profesion
  • Youtube i also got addicted to minecraft videos the yogscast are sooo funny.

The reasons im back:

  • i used to have lots of fun at this wiki
  • i love writing and reading fanons
  • im triying to remember stuff i kind of lost my memory of everything that happened after i was 9(weird)
  • I want to be adleast in the top 100 again!

so yeah im back everybody who has been my friend on th ewiki send me a message saying hi and whats been happening and even if you werent my friend also send a message! :)

So yeah have a nice day  --Avatar Aangs reincarnation (wallcontribs) 14:29, May 17, 2013 (UTC)  

ps:Just because im Avatar Aangs reincarnation that those'nt make me korra...

pss:Im gonna continue on fanon:Survivors later this month

psss:I might have forgoten how to make the links and stuff so remind me

pssss:I like writing ps's

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