Hello fellow Avatar Wiki addicts! I'm AvatarTylerftw and I greatly enjoy improving this wiki's articles and using it as my main source of news for all things relating to Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Some of you (including myself) may have been disappointed after hearing that Lin Beifong, Toph's daughter and the current chief of the Metalbending Police Force, will play a very minor in the upcoming Book Two: Spirits. However, I am subscribed on YouTube to a channel run by a user called KorraSpirit, who has recently uploaded this video: For the sake of people who may not feel like watching the video, I'll summarize it. The creators of the Legend of Korra held a book signing yesterday, where they answered fan questions. They revealed that Lin will be heavily featured in Book Three and that we'll learn more information about Lin and her family, as well as discover more about the amazing art of earthbending.

What are your reactions to this? Do you want to know the identity of Lin's father or whether or not she has siblings that are metalbenders like her? Might there be another sub-element of earthbending we haven't yet seen? Comment below if you wish, as I'm interested to hear your ideas. 

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