I just removed the “Under Construction (fanon)” template category from several pages. I noticed a while ago that there were a lot of pages in the fanon portal that had the UC template where it did not belong. I decided to write a blog about it.

For a while, we didn't have a UC cat for fanon pages. It exists mainly for pages that still need to be added to substantially before they are considered complete. It is not for an otherwise complete page that is simply updated with new information over time. This can be a main page for a fanon that still has new chapters to come out and new characters to be introduced. This does not make the whole page UC – if it did then every ongoing fanon page would have to be UC.

Another thing to note is that the UC cat should never be used on a page of a fanon that is labeled “discontinued.” If you come across a page that is labeled as both UC and DC, feel free to remove the UC template.

So that's my two cents for now. If I removed UC from your page and it actually applies for real, feel free to add it back. I just removed it from several where it seemed out of place. Just be mindful about how you use it in the future.

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