Here’s how the idea works. You post a comment on this blog, giving the name of your fanon. Then you read the first two chapters of the commenter before you and comment on each of them. Then, you offer a critique/piece of advice. It doesn’t have to be long. It can just be a simple statement. It merely has to offer a suggestion of how the author can improve their writing or an idea of what could happen later on in the story. Hence, two chapters and one critique. As you did it for the person below you, the person who comes after you will do the same for you.

Make sure that you specify the fanon story you want them to take a look at, to make things easier on them and in case you have more than one.

The Rules

  • For the purposes of this exercise, please just post regular comments, not replies. This helps keep it organized.
  • You may only post each fanon story of yours here once.
  • You must wait for five comments before posting a link to another series you write.
  • This covers two comments on the first two chapters and one piece of advice. Whether the reader decides to continue reading your fanon afterwards is their own affair.

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Please remember to stay civil. This means that you should not harass other users or their views.

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