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The White Lotus Sentinel: Issue 4, 30 September

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Welcome, to the White Lotus Sentinel. We've changed a few things since the last time we saw you. We've removed the Fanon Advertisement (Due to lack of upkeep) We've also removed the Featured Fanon, and Energy Saga Rerun(Due to lack of interest.) We've added a "This issue..." On the main page, and thanks to MateyY we have some snazzy Author Accredit boxes. Now, don't forget to speak your mind on here so that the White Lotus Sentinel can be your official newsletter.

The White Lotus Sentinel


This Issue...

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Fanon Classics
By: Suzon, Editor

(Page Two) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Portal Interview (Admin Edition!)
By: Suzon, Editor

(Page Three) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Tips
By: Acer Indonesia, Contributor

(Page Four) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Urban Dictionary
By: Minnichi, and WLS STAFF

(Page Five) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Usergroup Advertisement
By: Master Ratava, Contributor

(Page Six) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Review Squad, looking for you!
By: Omashu Rocks, Deputy Editor

(Page Seven) (wallcontribseditcountlogs)
Fanon Review, Parentless
By: Omashu Rocks, Deputy Editor

Fanon Classics
By: Suzon, Editor

Welcome users, to this week's 'Fanon Classics' Column. This issue we will be looking inside of one of the most well-known, and original fanfiction on the entire Fanon Portal, Avatar: Energy Saga. Energy Saga is coming to an end, but for us readers, it is a new beginning, a chance to see a popular admin finish a popular series. AvatarRokusGhost will be writing at least Two more fanon, and what all fans are wondering, will they live up to Energy Saga, after learning of what one fanon will be based on, I can give a sure answer, yes. ARG's creativity never dies. Avatar: Energy Saga follows Aang as he masters Energy. He must fulfill his duties, and be the Avatar. The problem? Aang has no instruction from his past lives, as very few Avatars have mastered this art. Need I say more? No! Why? Because you must take it upon yourselves to read it and to find out more.


You might be wondering "what makes this fanon such a classic"? With the end in sight, Energy Saga looks upon us as one of the most successful fanon in the portal itself. It entertains us. It warms our heart. WE ARE ENERGY SAGA. ENERGY SAGA IS US. Those are the feelings you get by reading this story.

I will rate this fanon with a score of 9.9 out of 10. This fanon is simply, amazing. It inspires authors to write fanon. With it's end upon us, let us strive to find out how this marvelous fanon ends. 300px-MORIA.jpg

Fanon Portal Interview
By: Suzon, Editor

Suzon: Hello Mr. Admin

KataraFanboy: Hey

Suzon: What percent of your edits would you estimate, go to the fanon portal, will that change as an admin?

KataraFanboy: As an estimate, about 25% - I would like to improve on that; the fanon space also deserves its fair share of attention.

Suzon: Being a esteemed author yourself, has becoming an admin postponed or canceled any future fanfiction?

KataraFanboy: No, I have actuallly been slowing down my writing prior to the election, and this is mostly because of my real-life matters; studying and also now having a job.

Suzon: What was your position on the abolishment of Fanon Admins when it first happened? Has it changed since?

KataraFanboy: I agreed with the removal of fanon admins because it was essentially just a title - the work that fanon admins did can currently also be done by anyone else on the wiki - and I still stand by this statement. Everyone is capable of improving the fanon portal without the need of said extra title.

Suzon: What are some of your favorite fanon?

KataraFanboy: Well, that is a tough choice, as I love a lot of stories - but if I had to pick a few, my favorites would be Energy Saga, When Air Nomads Walked the Earth, A Bird Could Love a Fish, and Heiress of the Nile.

Suzon: What do you think is the hardest part of creating a fanon?

KataraFanboy: That can depend on what type of fanon you're trying to create. If it's a Team Avatar postwar thing, the hardest part could be figuring out a new plot, a new enemy or enemies, how to keep the gaang together, etc. But if you're making an entirely new fanon with original charatcers, the hardest part there could be coming up with personalities for those characters and also making sure you maintain them through the story.

Suzon: What do you think ofthe White Lotus Sentinel? Are you a reader?

KataraFanboy: I have taken some time to read the WLS' first couple issues - I do like the idea. The fanon space does get some advertising time in the BSST, but what the WLS allows is for even more spotlight on the fanon space. With many great stories and authors out there, the WLS, along with other groups such as the FRS and Fanonbenders, help the fanon space get its proper time in the limelight.[

Suzon: Lastly, any advice to new fanon authors?

KataraFanboy: Very simply, don't be afraid to get out into the fanon space. Everyone has their own ideas of what might happen with everything in the future, or perhaps what had happened in the past. If you have an idea and want to write out here, go ahead - the doors are open for you to be a part of our community; and if you need help, everyone is certainly willing to be a helping hand.

Request a Fanon Portal Interview @Suzon.

Fanon Tips
By: Acer Indonesia, Contributor

5 Tips before writing a Short Series

How Dee, fanon folks! How's your life? Isn't really well? Why not start to take a break with writing, writing a short stories; between 4 - 9 episodes? It's will be an epic, if you're an epic writer too! All of writers here are epics. Let's start. You'll read a lot of "The Tour" fanon-review, as I use it as reference.

1. Write the concept

In my writing-experience, I used MS. Word for my backup data, save and write the stories there. First, write the concept, the title, and the episodes summaries. It would be better if you already planned and know the characters; plus their development. As the last issue; The Tour Review by MibuWolf, I saw and The Tour is a masterpiece from Lovebender110! It is well-written, so prepare yourself by organizing it on the computer.

2. Write it consistently

If your life is a full-packed-with-duties-and-habits, you can take a day, which is holiday to write it. If your duties in Sunday - Friday are full, take a note that you're writing it on Saturday. And before getting through writing, imagine that you're the reader.

3. Use poetic words

Any fanons above me, are usually using poetic title and words. Just like The Tour, it's really well-poetic-written, and Lovebender did a great job. Try it by read a lot of poetry stories, and you can make your own, automatically. This section will be enhanced if your English is good. Don't use poetry if you're not an expert in English.

4. Master the locations

In The Tour, the places aren't really complex; I mean, only Western Air Temple. Make sure, your fanon series isn't a long-story such as a new Avatar, or a rebellions in Republic City. The Tour is just like filler-series, between The Invasion arc and The Boiling Rock arc, only in Western Air Temple.

5. Prepare review requests

This section is the most important case; if your fanon is under 4, you won't be able to send request to MibuWolf. Fanon Review is just like a mirror, showing the scores and how the story so far. So, if your fanon is only contains 8 episodes, plan to send request. The Tour, is automatically break the rule, as FRS will review fanons which are on-going. Don't waste your chance to send the request!


Written by The White Lotus Sentinel Staff and Minnichi
Fanon Urban Dictionary

(noun) Obsessive Main Page Decorator - One who spends more time making his/her title page ridiculously attractive than updating the story. "Wow, this fanon must be awesome - just look at this page! I'm tearing up just because of how beautiful it is." "Yeah, let's read it! ...Wait, why're there only 2 chapters?" "Oh - obsessive main page decorator. Got it."

(noun) Fan Slave - One who will go any lengths to get feedback, because that is his or her sole purpose in life. "So I noticed that a story called 'Epic Fanon,' by 'Awesome Author,' took the last slot in all of the FRS schedules..." "Yeah! And 'Awesome Author' commented on a bunch of other fanons just to tell their creators to return the favor. I heard he's waiting for 20 subscribers before he ever updates again." "(Sigh) Sounds like another fan slave to me."

(noun) Canon Cannon - A writer who holds canon accuracy in such high regards that anything else is an abomination. "I don't think I ever want to write Zutara again." "What? I thought you made it pretty believable." "Well, the response was, 'Thou shalt not dishonor Mike and Bryan! For their word is LAW, and you must be destroyed for straying from it!'" "Ouch...seems like you've been shot by a canon cannon."

(noun) Minnichitis - A chronic condition characterized by uncontrollable rambling, accompanying random emoticons and a severe obsession with the Dai Li. In Stage II, rambling will manifest as misleadingly positive criticism. "Hey, how good is this fight scene, from 1 to 5? Just give me a number, that's all." "Hmmm, I love how you describe Earthbending :D Reminds me of the Dai Li :P I might suggest that you... (5 paragraphs later) ...But it's nothing serious ^^ I absolutely love it! :)))" "Well, I only needed a number...but sweet! How'd I do?" "I'd give it a 2 :D" "WHAT?!" "Is there a problem? ...Oh, no. I have Stage II Minnichitis, don't I?"

(verb) ARG'd - When AvatarRokusGhost nominates characters from your fanon for the fanon awards, and than you get an epic awesomeness feeling. "What a feeling! What's happened." "It's simple, you've been ARG'd!" "I love it!"

(noun) The Ultimate FanonAuthor - A person who writes an amazing fanon, but decides to make it short, so you ask if you can write a spin-off so that there is more of said fanon-verse, and they say you can, but you realize your writing can never compare. "Hey Ultimate Airbender, can I write a spin-off of your fanon, When Firebenders Attacked the World" "Sure, Suzey!" "Thanks... Oh wait, I cannot write as good" "-waves hand- Oh stop... =P"

(verb) Fanon Masking - The act of presenting oneself to readers under the false identity of original characters. This portrayal of the author is either paired with his/her hopeless love interest, fabulously talented, or both. "And then Alis said, 'Zuko, you mean as much to me as I to you, but Mai's a good person who's so much stronger than me. Why would you choose me? WHY?!' And then -" "Um, sorry to interrupt, but isn't Alis the Avatar, and how is she telling him this while fighting a mob of Firebenders? She's also 'more gorgeous than any being Zuko had ever set his golden eyes upon.' What kind of a name is Alis, anyway? Hold on - you emailed me once...and your name is Lisa... You've been fanon masking this whole time, haven't you?" "(awkward pause) Heheheh...heh." Also see Mary Sue and Stephanie Meyer.

Fanon Usergroup Advertisement
By: Master Ratava, Contributor

It's been a while that the Fanon Lost & Found Advisers has been founded. However its activities haven't started yet. And I'd humbly like to introduce this fresh new usergroup to you.

Like it's said on the group main page the focus given on their advises are bounded to the fanon plot. With an emphatic reference to other usergroups that function as article reformat crews, or audience boosters; the FL&FA promises to target the unseen opportunities to break free brandished newly ideas to help those authors who are indeed eager for a never viewed state of mind.

The group centers its making on the idea forging.

And, by saying so, its clients are about to probably be fanon authors whose audience reviews and comments haven't been talking much about theories, or authors that are wondering themselves to where their fanon are going thus far. And even those ones reemerging from a stressful writers' blocking.

Pabu's circus trick

Like Bolin's made Pabu doing some circus tricks, the Fanon Lost & Found Advisers will make you do some fanon tricks.

What are FL&FA's goals?

The Advisers want to stimulate a boost of ideas to help the authors, or by giving, or making them come up with different and non-thought original fresh ideas for their story to travel creatively.

The FL&FA is not just about providing ideas, but also discussing strategies to boost the fanon audience through inserting them. Might them be about: characters, locations, societies, or any other issue.

The group's main goal is to start a new wave of idea interchangeability, and to improve the creativity level of the Fanon Portal.

Don't worry, the FL&FA isn't about writing your fanon for you; it's about providing you back-up when you feel like your mind is full of noise, and all you want is a light at the end of the struck plots' tunnel.

If you feel like writing is the same as being inside a maze without an exit, or you just want a helping hand, sign up for an advisory session!

Fanon Review Squad, looking for you!
By: Omashu Rocks, Deputy Editor

Every now and then, the Fanon Review Squad here on Avatar Wiki loses a member and/or decides that an additional reviewer is needed for the team. Following the announcement, several candidates are tasked with completing a "test review" of a predetermined fanon. Well ladies and gentlemen, this time is upon us yet again. FRSimage.jpg|200px The existing members (myself, Minnichi, MibuWolf, and Mageddon725) have concurred that another member is necessary, and that those hoping to fill the position will write a test review of The Lost Air Temple by kuzonkid7. The application process will proceed as follows:

  1. Hopefuls will declare their candidacy by commenting on this blog.
  2. Candidates will write a review of The Lost Air Temple ASAP.
  3. Candidates will submit those test reviews on the Fanon Review Squad's talk page.
  4. The existing members will look over each review carefully.
  5. We will come to a consensus as to which candidate shall be selected.

Here are some things we'll be taking into consideration:

  1. Obviously, the test review is key. Be sure to include a detailed analysis, accurate scores, constructive criticism, and helpful advice. These four tenants are must for any FRS review.
  2. Unique reviews will ultimately benefit the FRS more. Are you creative? Show it.
  3. Just like poorly written fanons are less fun to read, we'll be looking at your general writing ability, so make sure to use a colorful vocabulary, captivating language, and preview your work before submitting it.
  4. As reviewers are kept on a schedule, punctuality is very important. Will you be able to finish your reviews on time? Prove it by quickly (but thoughtfully) completing your test review.
  5. Keep in mind that a user who as made thousands of edits will probably have an advantage over one who has made less than ten, especially in the fanon portal. However, don't be afraid that we will give special preferences to older or more experienced users. It really all boils down to skill.

Fanon Review, Parentless by WaterbenderTaikai
By: Omashu Rocks, Deputy Editor

This review was conducted by the Fanon Review Squad and reflects our best judgment of writing and fanon authorship quality. Please don't take offense if the review wasn't positive. We always give advice!

Omashu Rocks here for another installment of FRS:The Omashu Scoop! Today's fanon is Parentless by WaterbenderTaikai.

Official Plot: Parentless follows Mako and Bolin's lives in Republic City just after the murder of their parents. Mako will do anything to keep him and Bolin alive, and that includes working for a triad, following him around, and going along with all of Bolin's crazy ideas. Bolin is very imaginative and wants to do what sometimes sound like out of the ordinary things, including making a smaller version of the Pro-bending Arena. The brothers find themselves in sticky situations, making new friends, and fighting the perils of the large metropolis' streets. SCORES:

Plot/Storyline: Backstories for Mako and Bolin? Sweet! Although, when LOK touched on it we all knew a fanon like this would come at some point. The chapters are incredibly short...9.3
Creativity: Everything seems to be what you would expect from the orphan brothers living in the streets. Try throwing in a big twist. 8.6
Action: The fanon isn't void of all action, there is some, but it's 99% dialogue. The quality of action could be improved as well. 8.0
Interest Level: Unfortunately, I can't say I'm dying to read each chapter. 7.9
Character Development: Hmmm. Not bad. 8.6
Believability: Nothing too outta line here.9.0
General Writing: The vocabulary wasn't too colorful, and there were a few grammar mistakes… 8.7

Average Score: 8.6
Note: All Scores Are Out Of Ten

What Taikai does right:
The story in your head is great, really. It's a brilliant idea to write about Mako and Bolin's early life. Keep going with it.

What Taikai could improve on:
First and foremost, expand the length of your chapters. I suggest doing this by adding more fight scenes, and not just any fight scenes. Include tons of emotions in your battles to make them more fun to read. Other than that, check over every chapter at least twice before publishing it to catch errors you may have made.

Who does Parentless appeal to? Fans of Mako, Bolin, street gangs… and Batman should check this out.

Who should be the newest editor, that will replace Rassilon of old?

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Which fanon is the best?

The poll was created at 14:03 on September 30, 2012, and so far 28 people voted.

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