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  • AvatarRokusGhost promotes the Fanon Awards and analyzes recent fanon projects
  • Master Ratava offers a preview of his latest chapter
  • Mageddon725 reviews The Forgotten Warrior
  • Omashu Rocks publishes the first fanon urban dictionary
  • Suzon interviews The Ultimate Waterbender


  • Henry applies to be an beta-reader for action/adventure fanons.
  • Snip101 applies to be a betareader for post-Korre and post-A:tLA fanons. Also, a co-author for post-Korra fanon.
  • allhailhades applies to be a beta-reader for action/adventure fanons.
  • Snip101 reqeusts a co-author, editor, and illustrator for Isolated.
48px-3327121.png Fourth Fanon Awards

There’s been some encouraging signs of life on the fanon side of the wiki, including an influx of new stories from new and old authors alike and the Fanonbenders User Group becoming active once again. With fanonbending making a comeback and hopefully featured fanons along with it, the time seems ripe to host another Fanon Awards ceremony. The Awards Council will choose the first three nominees for a category, and the community will pick the final two, giving each category five nominations total. The Fanon Awards have been hosted three times before – twice in 2010 and once this past February, and the fanon side of the wiki was a different place each time.

The biggest difference of all is how the voting will be taking place: in comments. This gives the Fanon Awards the distinction of being the first official Avatar Wiki voting event to use comments as a primary source of input. This was inspired by 1stAvatar’s Avatar Tournament, where matches between characters were voted on in replies to comments. Many blogs have been set up similarly since then, but never has this been done officially.

The Fanon Awards Council – consisting of myself, KataraFanboy, BlackMonkey, Mageddon725 and Iceland77 – was picked by the fanon admins in the past, and by the admins this time in continuity with that. We have chosen awards through more or less the same process as last time, and hope that by doing it at the end of Summer it’ll be the best time for the community to come together and participate in this event. Watch for it in community messages.

50px-4763232.png ATFS Upcoming Chapter 3
Master Ratava

Charm is the third chapter of Avatar: The First Skybender, and it tells the story of another main character: an Earth Kingdom girl with the burden of having destroyed her family.

"We live near the northern Earth Kingdom coast, high up on the hills of the Wind-Maker Mountains on the Providing Grounds region..."

Exploring the closest area to the Northern Water Tribe, she lives normally, at least the more normal she can; having to train earthbending even without being actually an earthbender herself.

"I must be meant for something else."

The will to get out of that town, and be free, away from the odds that she brought into the world with her birth. Fleeing from herself.

"I found a note with another name..."

A mysterious group is searching for names in a list, they don't want to get lost of track of anyone.

"“Promise me that you’ll never ever open this locket!”"

A gift from an old woman to a seven year old girl.

"I’d have to fight. I’d have to stir their lungs up."

"I'll never be the same again."

“What are you talking about, Grandma?”

“I’ll tell you about your birthday.”

“What about my birthday?”

"They say the third time is the most difficult to do, but to me every first time is the hardest one..."

50px-4068251.png Fanon Review: The Forgotten Warrior by Kyra+Kuzon

Hey there, Mageddon725 here, reviewing The Forgotten Warrior by Kyra+Kuzon on behalf of the Fanon Review Squad.

The fanon follows the story of a girl, Kyza, who loves two things: archery and fire. She has lived in the Fire Nation capital as a teenager just a few short years after crown prince Zuko is banished to search for the Avatar, Kyza learns to Firebend from one of the best Firebenders in the nation. Also she practices archery everyday with Rhea, a retired Yu Yan Archer. With a promising future and a burning will to succeed beyond all others, Kyza's talent spreads like wild fire. Adventures unfold and take flight when the Fire Lord takes interest in this "Wild Flower".

This fanon is very well-written, a rarity among fanons using the first person perspective, but K+K does it very well. Despite a few flaws, this piece excels at introducing and growing the main character, and the reader gets an in-depth look at who the “Wild Flower” is.


Story – 9.1: Just like Legend of Rokan, Kyra+Kuzon takes a character of her own making and injects said character into a story that is in the background of the Gaang’s adventures.

Action – 8.9: A little repetitive in description, but otherwise well-written.

Writing – 9.0: Grammatical errors are few and far between, and the description can be almost poetic at points.

Creativity – 9.3: There aren’t many of these fanons around; I will say that.

Believability – 8.5: Conversations can sometimes move with too much convenience, but it doesn’t take much away from this fanon.

Character Development – 9.2: Having only one main OC and several smaller characters makes this one easier for a good author, and K+K is just that.

Average Score: 9.0

Note: All scores are out of ten

Advice for Kyra+Kuzon: Attempt to keep away from conversations between characters or plot points that are too convenient; it gives the story much more credence.

Who should read The Forgotten Warrior? Anyone looking for a great expansion series should give this one a look.

48px-3327121.png New Trends for Fanons

The fanon portal has fluctuated in activity in these past months. Last Summer and early Fall, we had a lot of stories and a lot of regular users. As the year drew to a close, people grew more busy and stopped coming as frequently. This wasn’t a major cause for disconcern, just part of the cyclical nature of this place. After a brief spike in late December/early January, things stayed pretty much the same for the next few months.

Beginning in late March with the early online premiere, Avatar Wiki was alive and booming with hype about the new series. Naturally, most of the activity was on the canon side of the wiki. This continued up through the finale on June 23rd. Now that Book 1 is done, the fanon side has been able to share some of the activity. The long gaps in between books is a good time for the fanon portal and other sides of the site to step in and keep the ball rolling.

With twelve episodes of new material, there’s a lot of new area for personal creativity to keep the Avatar fans who have a knack for writing occupied for the next several months. While the old-fashioned “after-the-war” remains the most popular premise, it’s quickly gaining competitors, such as Mako and Bolin background stories, more stories about Korra, more stories about the airbending kids and backgrounds for in-between generation characters like Tenzin and Lin Beifong. A couple months ago Amon backstories were a fad, but since the canon backstory was shown in Skeletons in the Closet, their popularity has declined.

Alternate stories have not lost their appeal, however. To put it nicely, a lot of users, while still fans of the show as a whole, thought that the finale had some flaws that could have been better. So, they write a revised finale. Some of them have been quite worthy of praise, such as Lady Lostris’s A Minute, and they make good reads for people who feel each other’s pain.

Others have taken the route of writing a story beginning after the end of Book 1. Understandable, since the second season is far off and a lot of us will be speculating in between. It’s a little risky, though, since the material has more chance than any other of being contradicted soon, but most of the authors seem to have made peace with that possibility. Some have chosen to skip over Korra altogether and write fanons about an Avatar after her. These aren’t exactly new, but the fact that we’ve now seen stories about more than one Avatar in the canon now hasn’t done anything to slow them down. One could make a good case for either Post-Book 1 or Post-Korra fanons being the most natural successor to after-the-war. The shelf value of Post-Book 1 might not be as long, though, as Book 2 will be with us within a year. And after that, who knows?

48px-1635895.png Submitting
Rassilon of Old

I hope you've enjoyed issue #2 of The White Lotus Sentinel, and although we have a stack of contributors, more are always welcome. You may submit an article to either myself or MateyY at our message walls. Please take part in our reader's opinion piece in the comments section! We'll see you in two weeks for our next issue, but until then, happy reading.

50px-4357864.png Fanon Urban Dictionary
Omashu Rocks

If the canon side of the wiki can have an urban dictionary, why can't we?

Fanon Review Squad

noun; People who pretend to read and evaluate your fanon but really just assign it random scores. "The Fanon Review Squad gave me a 9/10 on Action, but my fanon doesn't have any action…"


noun; An author who makes a page for absolutely everything related to his fanon. "AvatarRokusGhost has a page for his fanon's shipping? What an overachiever!"

Negative Nony

noun; An anonymous user who reads your fanon for the sole purpose of bashing every chapter. They're secretly another user who's jealous of your writing skill. "Thanks Negative Nony, it really matters to me that my character's survival is unlikely."

Vague Commenter

noun; Someone who strikes suspicion in every author by leaving generic comments that could apply to any fanon. "All your comments ever say is 'Great Job!' I don't think you even read this chapter! Boy, you're a vague commenter."

Pulled an OR

phrase; When an author subjects their readers to their political views by subliminally or blatantly basing their characters off of their favorite/least favorite political figures. If you named a character Gewt Ningrich, you just pulled an OR.

Joo Dee

Proper noun; Someone who would not possibly be relevant in Team Avatar's adventures after the liberation of Ba Sing Se. "Hmmm. AvatarFreak21 gave Joo Dee a crucial role in her fanon? Odd…" (JK, it's a great fanon!)


verb; To annihilate someone, no matter how powerful by using giant balls of fire; seen only in Avatar: Guardian. "Oh no, what will we do about this battlement?" "It's okay, I know a guy who can Zhian the Hell out of it."

48px-4298791.png Fanon Portal Interview (Admin Edition)!

Suzon:Hey KP[KP is short for KataraPlushie, a name The Ultimate Waterbender is known by.]

The Ultimate Waterbender: Hola^^

Suzon's First Question: As an admin, what percentage, would you say, of your edits go to the fanon portal?

The Ultimate Waterbender's Answer: Hard to say because it depends on how often articles that need clean-up are published. Really, the canonical side of the wiki is my strongest area, but I do keep an eye out for the fanon portal.

Suzon's Second Question: What are some of your favorite fanon?

The Ultimate Waterbender's Answer: Some favorite fanon of mine are(Not to offend anybody by my choices, of course):

Suzon's Third Question: If you had a word of advice to new authors, what would it be?

The Ultimate Waterbender's Answer: Don't be afraid to be creative; it's your story - you do what you want with it. And if you find that you're not getting into the story, that it's becoming almost a chore to write, then drop it. Writing should never be forced - if your heart is not into the story, don't persist with it.

Suzon's Fourth Question: Being an esteemed writer yourself, what's the hardest part of creating your fanon?

The Ultimate Waterbender's Answer: The hardest part with writing this fanon is overcoming writer's blocks. Every author will get them, and they suck. You just sit there with a notepad in front of you or a blank or half-finished document and you think, "Where the hell do I go from here?" Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with ideas or work out the dialogue and you find yourseld in a rut. But hopefully you work through the writer's block and continue on.

Suzon's Final Question: What do you think of the several new projects to "revive" the fanon portal, namely "The White Lotus Sentinel" (and by extension the "Classifieds"), the "Fanon Advertisement System", and the "Fanon Illustrator Insignia"?

The Ultimate Waterbender's Answer: I think it's great that there are these projects to generate enthusiasm and participation in the fanon portal. Certainly some projects can be a little tough to coordinate, but with the combined efforts of all users participating, it can become something reall worth while. I hope to see their success and wish everyone luck with the projects =)

Request a Fanon Portal Interview @Suzon.

Xin Fu fights

Rest in peace,
Sleep in death.
Dancing Shadows

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