Hello everyone. I'm posting this blog to introduce a new fanon that I and Moon Beam joining forces to co-write. It's called Avatar: Legends of Miyuki and it chronicles the adventures of Miyuki, the Fire Avatar before the Unnamed fire Avatar. She is thus the ninth Avatar before Aang. The Prologue has been released. The prologue starts with the Avatar before her and then takes place when Miyuki is five. The bulk of the series will be when she is 12 or 13. With her parents divorced, Miyuki was sent to live with her rich but cruel uncle Bojing, where she has an unhappy “childhood” forced to do chores all day for him. Eventually Miyuki has to come to terms with her destiny, master the elements and bring hope and balance back to the world.

Now that the Prologue is up, the first chapter is now in the works :)


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