Hey everyone. I know that making posts just for inactivity is frowned upon, hence the “other stuff” part of this post. I'm helping a friend move her car and am taking a two-week vacation in order to do it. For much of the trip, I will not have any access to a computer and/or the internet. This hence means I will be inactive on here for the duration of this venture.

My fellow Fire Sages, it does pain me to do this so soon after starting a new project, but I promise to start right up on that as soon as I return.

I will be losing my consecutive day count. It's inevitable. I'm at 105 now, so I just made it to Lighting Redirection. But I'm going to have to miss out on having an Energybending badge.

The Fanon Trivia – definitely want to talk about that before I go. I gave an update in a similar blog post not too long ago and it's mostly ready to start now. I just need to design a template and come up with a template. Then I can start an official thread for it. Should happen soon after I return and the timing she be nice, with the Fanon Awards coming up as well. I promised a fuller list in my last post, so here it is. There are twenty-five fanons I expect to have questions on – I know most people haven't read them all. That's why I knew it would be good to post it in advance. Don't be offended if you're not on here – it's not an insult to the quality if you aren't. I probably just didn't come across it in time – there are a lot of fanons on here. Among those not on here are one I really enjoy but hasn't been updated in a while and shows no signs of changing that anytime soon and another well-written and popular one with too much controversy surrounding it. If we do this event again, can put yours on next time. If you really really want it, then maybe maybe this time, but no promises on that.

  1. Book Four: Air
  2. Avatar: Guardian
  3. Eyes of Katara
  4. When Air Nomads Walked the Earth
  5. Avatar: The World's Fate
  6. Daughter of Ashes and Air
  7. Corruption and Redemption
  8. Toph's Story The First Antibender
  9. Feet of Toph
  10. Around The World (Again)
  11. Alone
  12. Honor Thy Father
  13. Phoenix Empire
  14. Sozin's Blood
  15. Legend of Mei Lien
  16. A:TLAR
  17. Energy Saga
  18. Avatar: Renaissance
  19. The Way Sokka Sees It
  20. The Final Avatar
  21. Child of Destiny
  22. Life After the War
  23. The Six Hundredth Day
  24. Adventures of Li Hua
  25. Legend of Teru

As for Energy Saga, I do not have all that much finished of my next chapter and most likely will not be starting it until my inactivity ends, so there will be a bit of a wait on that. For my readers, though, I did manage to publish two more chapters right before leaving. I'm up to Chapter Eleven now.

As for the fanons that I'm currently reading, you can feel free to continue messaging me of new chapters, but understand that I will not get to them until after my trip. I'm not quite caught up on everything, but I will be pasting a couple of those chapters into word documents to print and read when I have time even when I'm away from my computer.

One last thing – about a month and a half ago I decided to start doing episode reviews in blog posts. My first I hope to do on “The Library” and each one will be called “Ghostly Review” on such and such episode. I planned to do begin this weeks ago, but due to laziness and procrastination I have yet to publish any. I would like to get started on this soon after my inactivity ends, but considering all the other stuff I do on this Wiki – and all the stuff I do off this Wiki, I'm not sure when that will happen.

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