As Lady Lostris pointed out in the blog she published a few weeks ago, the fanon portal has been going through a lot of changes. It started with the categorization forum which produced the current categorization guide and is now continuing with the template forum. I decided we would need an updated list of what has to be changed so that everyone can stay on the same page. Originally the list was in the categorization forum, but since that forum is now (finally) closed, the list has to go someplace else. The list may change depending on what happens in forums. Since this is a blog, you can view it here, but you have to go here to actually edit it.

Fanon portal checklist

Category checklist

Template checklist

  • Replace FanonUC template with Future template and delete it. Yes check Done
  • Apply property template to all main story pages. Yes check Done
  • Apply property template to all chapter pages. Yes check Done
  • Change the use of any canon side template to fanon side; e.g. "character infobox" to "infobox character" Yes check Done
  • Modify {{Infobox character}} so that it has the same parameters of any other character infobox. Yes check Done
  • Replace and delete the remaining character infoboxes. Yes check Done
  • Adapt the Infobox series template. Yes check Done
  • Replace and delete obsolete alternative templates for Infobox series. Yes check Done
  • Adapt the {{Fan}} and {{Story}} templates to make them customized. Yes check Done
  • Replace and delete similar templates to Fan/Story. Yes check Done
  • Make on universal talk page banner with the option to chose the color, image and slogan. Yes check Done
  • Replace and delete previous talk page banners. Yes check Done
  • Merge propertyother and property2other. Yes check Done
  • Delete title template (this not just on the fanon portal, and can be don via bot). Yes check Done
  • Apply property other template to all other fanon pages. Yes check Done
  • Clean out the Category:World (fanon): place everything under the appropriate sub-category. Yes check Done
  • Delete templates which have lost their purpose.
  • Categorize all remaining individual user templates appropriately.
  • Apply "Author template" to all fanon pages. Yes check Done
  • Create "Fanon templates guide" Yes check Done


  • Rewrite/update them all. Yes check Done

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