Back in May, one of our users – former fanon admin Rassilon of Old, took notice of the high volume fanons which are moved to – or rather, “dumped in” – the writer’s userspace and never to be heard from again. He decided to do something about this by creating a user group to format and target low quality fanon for improvement so that they may stay on the Wiki. Unfortunately, the group has been fairly inactive for the past few months. This might be partially due to our invite-only membership process and our inviting well…not that many people.

In order to spark some life back into the project, I decided that membership requests should be opened up so that more users can help out. Also, I’m in the process of putting up a list of fanons that will need improvement within the group that different Fanonbenders can use to work on. This will look somewhat like the list we have in the gaming user group. The user group can also play a roll in helping users with basic stuff like infoboxes, templates, image placement, etc.

When a fanon is sub-par, sometimes it’s of very low quality and/or needs serious expansion before it can hope to be hosted by the fanonspace. Other times it might be almost alright, but is lacking in certain areas such as spelling, grammar, image sizes, coding errors, inserts compulsory templates, edits links, etc. This is the ideal time for the Fanonbenders group to step in. It’s also more welcoming for newcomers if they can be helped out in this way, rather than have their first fanon shoved into userspace the second they get here and not hear anything else from us. Many fanons will still go to userspace, but many more can be helped.

So…sound like something you’d be interested in helping out with? Step forward! Requests are currently open.

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