Dai Li agents This is an official writing competition of the Fanonbenders! We hope you have fun participating!

Happy September, members of the fanon community. It's contest time once again!

As always, let us begin with the results from the last contest, which gave us the pleasure of reading four entertaining entries by some of Avatar Wiki's regular authors. Each of these songfics brought their own character and musical flare to the table, and it took us several days to decide upon our victor. All four participants of Round 13 may use the template {{FBParticipate|round|fanon|type}} .

Ultimately, we settled upon the creative entry of Sparkstoaflame, who was up to her usual standard and wrote an entry deserving of winning. Sparks may now use the template {{FBWinner|round13|fanon|type}} .

And now onto Round 14, which will run from September 16 to October 20, given that we're starting so late in the month once again. For this prompt, you can write about anything - that's right. Anything you want, as long as it's related to Avatar, of any genre and style. That is, as long as it is 500 words or fewer. With such a short wordcount to work with, it pays to make every word count.

Good luck!
~The Fanonbenders

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