Dai Li agents This is an official writing competition of the Fanonbenders! We hope you have fun participating!

Flameo, Avatar Wikians!

Welcome to the second round of the year for the Fanonbender’s Fanontastic Fanon Contest.

As usual, we'll begin with the results from last contest, which was Round 9. This time around we had seven creative entries to go through. Last month, the prompt was to write an Avatar story or chapter in the second person, which in the grand scheme of writing is not scene very often. In each entry, we got to see the author directly addressing the reader, and with every author the style was shown to coincide with the author's voice in different ways.

So, without further adieu:

Johny316's entry Bending had an eloquent and poetic rhythm to it, but Omashu Rocks and I both had doubts about the plausibility of the premise for the character in question, and felt it could have been stronger and more convincing if it was more fleshed out. Meanwhile, As Tough As You Are by AvatarAang7 managed to give us a nice, clear glimpse of Kuvira and motivations, which could have distinguished itself further with more details and original additions. With 24 Hours Till Last Night by Korra2000 we see a Korrasami narrative, which has become a popular thing to write these days. It was descriptive and entertaining, and what would have distinguished itself more could have been going more in depth for the characters at play.

Special Mentions: For the First Time in Forever by Sparkstoaflame was a well-written and dramatic entry, indeed up to the writer's usual level of such. Sparks managed to use the second person to her advantage as she shared this with us, and it suits her well. In our other co-special mention, Kyoshidude's The Kid, the author really made super interesting use of the second person. Even in the very short piece that it was, one could really feel the vivid imagery of the scene and the characters through the author's dynamic use of the ever-present "you".

Second Place: PSUAvatar14 has developed a style of writing that stands out after writing all the pieces that he has on the wiki over the years, and it's a great style which really works in You Never Thought... Here, the second person is utilized to show us life in Zaofu leading to the disasters that ultimately led to its fall from a personal perspective. Even though anyone who has seen the show already knows what's coming, it still felt like experiencing it first-hand by reading this. Well done, PSU!

First Place: Like PSU, Fruipit (who chose to enter this round and therefore, sat out of the judging) has also written a multitude of stories during her time on here, perhaps more than any other user. However, as always, the contest was judged based on the quality of the pieces submitted, and Aevum shined in just that way. The narrative was powerful and consistent and the second person tied into it so closely, it read into the story almost effortlessly. It did not take long for OR and I to agree that the author ramped it up this time around.

Thanks to all who participated! Here are your userboxes! Just type out {{FBParticipate|round|fanon|type}} to stick onto your profile! Just change 'round' to 'round 9', 'fanon' to your fanon's name, and 'type' with whether it was a one-shot or chapter!

Fruipit, meanwhile, gets the winner's userbox this round. The code is {{FBWinner|round9|fanon|type}}.

Time for the prompt for Round 10. We've hit double digits.

As many of you know, the month of February includes Valentine's Day just halfway through the month, and the prompt will have a bit of a romantic tone to it. You will have the chance to either create, develop or ruin a romance between two characters. As with some of the earlier prompts that we used in 2014, this one will have a character focus to it. Submissions may be accepted until February 26.

Good luck!


~The Fanonbenders

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