I posted a blog about my trivia idea about a month ago and it seems we have enough interest in it to start getting ready for it. I hope this little competition can provide us all some fun as well as an opportunity to read up more on each others’ work and for some writers, getting more exposure than they already have.

So, the way that I’m planning to have this work is I post the question on the blog – probably in a comment – and then the first person to answer correctly gets one point. An incorrect answer would be minus one point, like in Jeopardy. Once someone gets it right, I post the next question. I’ll put the score on the blog as we go on. The first person to get ten points wins (amount may be adjusted.) The winner will get a template I design which they may put on their profile.

Just like with 1stAvatar’s blogs, you have to have an account to participate. No nonys. And of course no answering questions about your own fanon.

The questions themselves will be on the fanons on this site. Trying to make them not too hard, not too easy. Each question will have a definite correct answer. It won’t be ambiguous in any way. Now, given that there’s nearly two hundred different fanons on here, I doubt anyone has read every single one and not all will be able to be included. I’d like to focus more on the ones that are either well-known or are active and regularly being updated by their authors. I’ve been reading several fanons and these are the ones I’ve started thinking what good questions would be for them. This list if not, repeat, NOT exhaustive. It’s merely the ones I’ve thought about so far, there are more that I plan to add to it and I’m sure there are more I don’t already plan on top of that as well.

Book Four: Air
Avatar: Guardian
Eyes of Katara
When Air Nomads Walked the Earth
Avatar: The World's Fate
Daughter of Ashes and Air
Corruption and Redemption
Toph's Story
Around The World (Again)
Honor Thy Father

I’ll release a fuller list beforehand to give everyone a heads up. Then we’ll be ready to begin.

In the mean time, if you have some ideas for questions or want some on your fanon then please contact me about it. Since talk pages are public, we may not be able to do it there. So you can either contact me by email or we can try to schedule a time to go on IRC. That may be difficult depending on schedule differences and some of us being in different time zones and different parts of the world, but I’m sure we can manage. Special:Emailuser/AvatarRokusGhost Don’t be shy about this. I’d like to talk to as many authors as possible about this.

Also if for whatever reason you do not want any questions on this about your fanon, just let me know and I won’t ask any about it.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’ll be coming up with the template pretty soon as well as organizing it in general. Oh, I know there are plenty of people on here who are better artists than I. I’d like to have a graphic of some sort on the post. I was trying to think what would be good for that Haven’t come up with anything. If anybody’s got input on that, that’d be awesome.

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