Shortly after joining this wiki a month ago, I started work on a fan fic just like a lot of the other users on here. It’s called Energy Saga and I had the general storyline in mind before I made my account here. I’ve published three episodes so far. The most recent one was a couple of weeks ago. I was thinking to myself, trying to figure out what my legitimate excuse is for not updating it sooner. But to tell you the truth – there isn’t one. I’ve just been lazy, LOL. But I’m more organized and ready to get more into it now. I’m going to try and release a chapter once every few days ideally and once a week at the very least.

Well, the truth is I have been working on it somewhat but a lot of things seem to be getting in my way. Just day-to-day stuff really, not school or work or anything like that. In the last few days I’ve got a lot of background laid out. I have 10-15 character pages planned but only four published at the moment even though the rest are ready to go, with pictures picked out and everything. It’s just too early now and I have to wait a couple more chapters because publishing them now just wouldn’t make sense.


Aang learns more about Energybending.

One of the most convenient things about writing a fan fic is everyone already knows the characters you’re writing about for the most part. So I’m going to stay true to the personalities of the canon characters and make references to past ATLA episodes at times. Energy Saga is written from different character’s perspectives at times and one of the goals I have is describing the given characters’ thoughts thoroughly as the action is taking place.

Energy Saga takes place after the TV show ends. Although the same characters and some of the same villains are featured, it’s essentially a new adventure in the same universe. I’m also a Star Wars fan – so if there’s any other die-hard Star Wars fans on here, you know that in addition to the main movies, there are numerous tv shows, books, short stories, comics and other Expanded Universe material that make the Star Wars universe so extensive. The Avatar Universe doesn’t have as much of that, so I’ll be making up some background as I go along.

I saw that some users like to put up news blogs and stuff on their fanon with updates and all. Maybe I’ll do something similar at some point, but I’m just getting started – so this is it for now. Like I said, I’ve posted three episodes so far. I’m not sure what the total number will be yet – at least 20, I’m thinking. I’ll try and post Chapter Four tonight – it’s about halfway done as I’m writing this now.

Chapter Four

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