It's been a while since I last posted a blog update on Energy Saga. I'm making this brief. Just want to cover a few things. First off, you may have noticed that I changed the logo not too long ago. It's larger than the previous one – I had to rearrange some sections on the main page to get it to fit in neatly. It has Aang up front Airbending out of one arm and Energybending out of the other, along with Katara, a member of the unnamed group and the Lion Turtle in the background. It was drawn by Shauna Leva, the new artist for the series. Some more of Shauna's artwork will soon be seen on some of the chapters and character pages.

Although I'm not quite where I planned at the moment – I went to a wedding this past weekend and I took a break from writing – I hope to get the next chapter out soon. It's called “Fire Nation Pirates” and after that there will be a few more chapters before the Book 2 finale. The finale will be in two parts and they will be a little longer than a typical Energy Saga chapter – maybe even as long as a typical Eyes of Katara or Sozin's Blood chapter. After that I have a general idea on what will happen in Book 3, but I'm holding off on planning it in detail until after I finish Book 2. At this point in the story, all original members of Team Avatar are adults and there is a younger generation as well. As I continue their character development, I'm going to put the characters we all know and love in situations that weren't in the canon show and they will face harsh challenges. I hope it will be obvious what I'm talking about when the time comes.

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