Hey guys. I've been running into an issue here. I'm one of very very few people I know in person who is into Avatar: The Last Airbender. Most people dismiss it as a kids show - even I did once apon a time. However, I know that ATLA is an intriguing show for anyone no matter what their background if they just watch it long enough. If they give it the time of day, then it will win a lot of people over. My mother is not a fan exactly but admitted it was cool once I told her a little and showed her some. I love coming on here and being on the wiki with likeminded people. I would also like some people to appreciate this with me in real life though. So from personal experience what is the best way to introduce someone to the Avatar series? What is the best first episode to show them? The Boy in the Iceberg is the first one chronologically but I feel that does not necessarily give a good first impression to the series. The first episode I saw was The Storm and I have an affinity toward that - plus it gives some good background information. That is a certain perspective. What does everyone else think?

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