Greetings, Avatar Wikians and RPG fans! After a seven-week long delay, the AvataRPG is up and running once again. With some of the inactivity of our Gamemaster, and two Co-GMs, we have formed am AvataRPG Council consisting of Co-GM Slash, myself, Omashu Rocks, Wordbender, and Avatar Bman, in order to get the project running once again. We have been meeting these past few days and it is in development.

Unfortunately, we have lost the players of two of our most important characters: Avatar Kyoshi and Chin the Conqueror. Therefore, the council has decided to have a tryout for these two parts. Everyone who’s interested should write a brief scene involving Kyoshi and Chin, and indicate which character they would like to play as. Applications are now open, and will close on May 14th, when the council will make a decision for the two characters.

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