Coming soon, Fanon Trivia – Round 2! The last one was in May and I was planning to make it a twice-a-year event, so the next one should be this Fall. It'll be in just a few weeks. If you have ideas for questions or fanons to ask questions on, let me know.

Since part of the main point of Fanon Trivia is getting exposure for newer and lesser-known fanons, this contest will have a focus on asking questions about those – though I'll throw in some about the more well-known ones as well. There are a lot of new stories that have come out in the few months since the last contest, so there's plenty more material to ask questions on. As for the fanons that were featured last time, I'll focus their questions more on chapters that have come out since last contest, so it doesn't get too repetitive.

Rules – same as last time: must have an account, post answers to questions as replies and no answering questions about your own fanon.

Hope to have the people who participated last time do so again and bring on new challengers, too – as they compete for the famed Lady Lostris's title.

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