I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day. He asked me if I ever role played before and I told him I hadn't. It was the truth, but it felt like a lie. I didn't know why that was the case. Later I logged onto Avatar Wiki and suddenly understood. This whole thing feels like a big role play going on. Not a role playing game, but a role play that we're doing with ourselves without realizing it.

I know we're all fans of Legend of Korra, but now I know that there is a Legend of Korra going on right now, on Avatar Wiki. I also know that there has been some difficult times on here lately. I was a member of the wikiequalists, but now, for some personal issues I have with the organization, I have left the group. Still, it sounded like they brought up some legitimate points while they were active on here. I would like for all the users on here, whether they be admins, rollbacks, regular or nony, to sit back and watch The Legend of Korra. Try to learn something of the virtues of equality and fairness and let it be a positive influence on how you act on here.

The Cast


  • Amon: Omar067 (formerly)
  • Lieutenant: AvatarMonarchist, me (formerly)
  • Hiroshi Sato: Zuko42899
  • Protester: Ironman2099
  • Doorman: BlackMonkey
  • Mecha Tanks: anonymous trolls, sockpuppets

Older Admins

  • Tenzin: The 888th Avatar, wise master
  • Lin Bei Fong: Vulmen
  • Tarrlok: Thailog

Newer Admins

  • Korra: Lady Lostris, while on the "benders" side, has been reasonable and fair to everyone, tries to maintain balance, like Korra stood up for non-benders in When Extremes Meet
  • Mako: The Bos
  • Bolin: AvatarRokusGhost
  • Asami: Dcasawang


  • Saikhan: PSUAvatar14
  • Lightning Bolt Zolt: H-Man Havoc
  • Shady Shin: Azulazulazula
  • Tahno: Annawantimes
  • Jinora: Mysteria Femina
  • Ikki: The Ultimate Waterbender
  • Meelo: Acer Indonesia
  • Tarrlok Task Force: the rest of them


  • Aang: Theavatardemotivator, Avatar Wiki's spiritual guide from the past
  • Shiro Shinobi: SifuHotman90, personable commentator
  • Toza: Monkeyfeathers94
  • White Lotus Leader: Toph's Fanboy

Everyone else is either a Metalbender Cop, Air Acolyte or Equalist Chi Blocker, depending on what "side" they think they're on.

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