So there's a lot of fanons that people have written on this site. Many of them are popular and have lots of readers and commenters. I actually wrote one of the least popular fanons on here. It was called Toph the Cougar and its been deleted. Yep, that's me. Im that guy. I don't really mind. It's like being the author of a banned book. Its something to laugh about to yourself.

Anyways, I got some new fanon ideas that I wanted to talk about. I know what you're thinking that this can't be good. But this time, rest assured, I'm doing it the accepted way. I'm writing longer pages, having chapters, having separate pages for each of the chapters, all that crap. Anyways, here goes:

1) I noticed people travel a good bit in Avatar. Aang went to see Bumi and Kuzon, some guy in the Earth Kingdom knew what Water Tribe money looked like, yada yada yada. So that got me thinking that there were some people probably in different countries when the war started. So what happened to them...maybe something like internment camps? I was thinking of doing the ultimate waterbender way and making a double story line like with a Water Tribal in a Fire Nation camp and a Firebender in a Water Tribe camp. Then maybe I could combine the two story lines and have them meet near the end. At first they hate each other because of different countries and the war, but then they can bond over shared experience.

2) The nick cartoon was about a war, but it was directed toward children so theres a lot that goes on in war that isn't in the show. So I thought about doing a more graphic depiction of that. This would have real blood, gore and death in the spotlight. And cannibalism amongst starving refugees, comfort women, prison camps, targeting civilians, etc.

3) My final idea is more PG/G than the others. It would be about an older avatar - Kuruk, Yangchen, Unnamed Fire Avatar or something and would involve the founding of the Order of the WHite Lotus.

So there's my two cents fellas. I gotta come up with a new idea now that my old one has been deleted by an admin. I wouldve been tempted to continue it but I would probly be blocked for that. For the record I was thinking about following it up with some of the Korra stuff. Maybe Toph and Tenzin had Chief Bei Fong as a kid (she's Katara and Aang's granddaughter as well as Toph's daughter ) and theres tension between Pema and Tenzin cause of the time he spent with Toph and Chief Bei Fong's estranged relationship with her dad, stepmom and younger half brothers and sisters. I might also mention that it was one of the most inclusive fanons here since it had both Kataang and Zutara.

So anyway in a nutshell which one of the three new ideas do ya think I should go with? Or should they be changed? Gimme feedback ppl --AvatarMonarchist 23:50, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Edit: I just got another idea. It would be more humor type than the others. Say ATLA Aang and TLA Aang (Ahng) traded places in each others universes. ATLA Aang makes goofy jokes in Shyamlan's world while the whiny, serious TLA Aang is being his usual crybaby self in the cartoon show.

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