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June 29, 2011
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    We've all seen the big surprise at the conclusion of The Search Part 1, but that is only the beginning. Ever since he took over as the lead comic writer of the Avatar series, Gene Yang has been bound on bringing his own vision of the series to light. He has gradually been dismantling the ending of Sozin's Comet as Bryke presented it in 2008 one peace at a time. In the beginning, he pretended to reluctantl accept Kataang and included it in The Promise, but he made it so corny that people would begin to hate it. Next he took apart Sukka and put together Zuki like puzzle pieces welded by a master puzzle maker.

    You're probably scratching your head at where the revelation that Zuko is not Ozai's son fits into all this shipping. Basically, h…

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    I was talking to a buddy of mine the other day. He asked me if I ever role played before and I told him I hadn't. It was the truth, but it felt like a lie. I didn't know why that was the case. Later I logged onto Avatar Wiki and suddenly understood. This whole thing feels like a big role play going on. Not a role playing game, but a role play that we're doing with ourselves without realizing it.

    I know we're all fans of Legend of Korra, but now I know that there is a Legend of Korra going on right now, on Avatar Wiki. I also know that there has been some difficult times on here lately. I was a member of the wikiequalists, but now, for some personal issues I have with the organization, I have left the group. Still, it sounded like …

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    So there's a lot of fanons that people have written on this site. Many of them are popular and have lots of readers and commenters. I actually wrote one of the least popular fanons on here. It was called Toph the Cougar and its been deleted. Yep, that's me. Im that guy. I don't really mind. It's like being the author of a banned book. Its something to laugh about to yourself.

    Anyways, I got some new fanon ideas that I wanted to talk about. I know what you're thinking that this can't be good. But this time, rest assured, I'm doing it the accepted way. I'm writing longer pages, having chapters, having separate pages for each of the chapters, all that crap. Anyways, here goes:

    1) I noticed people travel a good bit in Avatar. Aang w…

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