Not news for my family's viewings, sadly, as we haven't watched anything new for a while, more on that later. But there is good news to say for my fried Aurora. While she only got around to watching any of the show this past weekend, it made me double-take to hear that she and her son had done a marathon and watched the whole first book in just 2 days! No that is awesome! Her verdict? She and her so both loved it! ^_^ In fact, she actually wants to see certain episodes twice before staring Book 2. Now that's some dedication.

See, she had seen a few episodes when it was originally airing on TV, but she had forgotten how good the show was, and never saw the coming of Sozin's Comet. I think she can appreciate the storytelling aspects of it, and she'll really get a kick out the next 2 books. Of course, I'll also loan her my copy of "The Lost Adventures" hen the time is right, and I'll be sure to tell her about how my local library has a copy of The Promise for check-out.

What I'm really happy about though his that her son now has the chance to see the show. He's only 7 years old, and so he never got the chance to experience it like you and I did. I'm really happy that my dvds can give him the Avatar experience that we all deserve at some point. Sokka apparently left a big impact on him as one of his all time favorite characters. Fantastic. Indeed, I think I've just made two new Avatards. XD However, she has been getting the name pronunciations wrong by the show's standards, but to be fair, as she's actually Asian, maybe she can be forgiven by using the proper traditional pronunciations. It doesn't really matter to me anyway as long as she's actually absorbing the show's content.

Now on to something very important, and something I've been dreading; schedule. Sokka would agree with me about it's importance, though. the way I see it, there are only 2 options. Either we watch the next 4 episodes in the 12 day span between now and my family's vacation so we can start fresh from "The Library" afterwards, OR we watch nothing else until after the trip, so that Toph's introduction is not broken by the stress of packing. The former option is the one I would prefer, but I simply don't know how things will turn out, and things are just about to get seriously hectic around here. Guess we'll just have to see what happens. Wish us luck, guys.

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