I'm going to lump these two episodes together not because we saw them together, but because they were good viewings, with little to say about them. Thankfully this was a good viewing. I was dreading this one. My family is very conservative and Christian, and so I thought that the very mention of anything from any other religion would automatically make them dislike it. Now, I know 100% that they DO dislike other religions and cultures, I know that full well. They even hate those of their own culture whom they deem inferior. But thankfully, such negative and horrible feelings did no show their face during the viewings at all during this episode, and I'm very thankful for that. A show as grand as Avatar will long outlive the prejudices of their own minds.

Like I said before, these were good viewings, and I had to explain very little besides the occasional thing to help them all better understand what goes on, like clarifying that Aang was killed by Azula's lighting. In fact, there are very few things to point out in this entry because everybody just sat down and listened and watched. It finally happened. They've finally learned to just let the story do the talking. : )

On to The Guru. Despite my fears of religious ridicule, no such thing happened. Probably just for my benefit, everyone paid attention, and didn't even make any rude comments about chakras. But I suppose with a mythos that has avatars, spirits, reincarnation, and much more, what's one more piece of different religion? With then being as fundamentalist as they are, I'm vey glad they enjoy the show as much as they do. One thing I recommend to you guys is that if you do want to show this show to your family, you may not be able to depending on their faith of choice, and how devoted they are to it. I'm lucky enough to have parents who are loose enough with their beliefs to allow any kind of other ideas into their minds. You might not be able to. If that is the case, I am very sorry for you.

One thing I never noticed was the colors of Aang's visions and ho they correlate with the colors of the chakras themselves. Yet another detail I'm pleased to see. This show actually inspired me to try to open my chakras a while back ago. Did it change me much? Yes, I think, in a positive way. I felt more relaxed, and more at peace with myself, though like Aang I had a great deal of trouble opening my 7th chakra, but the change was still there in my body and feelings. Although, I'm not sure if most of that was from the chakras themselves, or just the meditation and reflection. But in any case, it was an interesting experience, and I recommend you guys try it if you're interested, and have the chance.

One thing I was surprised to hear that when Pathik said that he was a personal friend of Monk Gyatso, my sister said by herself that 'Wow, so he's over 100 years old.' That's very surprising, considering how she claims she doesn't care about the show enough to even remember anything, and yet, she remembered who Monk Gyatso was, and that the Air Nomad Genocide happened 100 years ago. Can't remember anything? Yeah right.

As for the Crossroads of Destiny, this episode was epic, or course, and it got the respect it deserves. I think it had some genuinely shocking moments in it that every one really got a kick out of. Needless to say, nobody expected Aang to die, nor Zuko to turn bad again. The Earth Kingdom has fallen, and we should be starting Book 3 very soon. Hard to believe the show's almost over. I wish there was more of it to show. I wish Korra wasn't going to end soon. I wish this great, decade long journey didn't have to end so soon. But at least we have our DVDs, and we have our memories. And even the death of a franchise will never take those from us. -_-

2/3 of the way through. I thank you all for taking this journey with me. ou guys have been awesome, and I really appreciate your support. I hope you'll come and join me as we wrap up both my family's thoughts on Avatar: the Last Airbender, and my own persona thoughts on Avatar The Legend of Korra.

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