This viewing went extremely well, I think. I had hyped this one up a lot for having western influence cinema-wise, as my folks are big fans of the 50's western genre. As soon as the episode started, nobody said a word, they just listened. They watched and listened and said nothing. This is pretty astounding. My mother, especially, loves to talk while watching things, asking out loud what characters are which and such, but this time, she didn't even ask who Ursa was. She just listened and let the show do the talking. I'm very surprised by this, though I think it's more due to her being very tired this day. But in any case, they certainly paid attention. The only person who didn't was my sister, and she actually got in the way, shoving her hamster in people's faces and stuff like that. But thankfully, nobody paid her any mind. Like I said, they just sat and watched and listened and I'm very happy for that. Heck, mom was extremely interested in knowing more about Ursa as she's never even been mentioned before. Such genuine interest is refreshing, to say the least.

This is actually one of my personal favorite episodes in the entire show. Doug Walker talked about this in his vlogs, and I can't agree more that Dante Basco's performance is superb in every way in this show, and especially this season. And I do think that this episode made Zuko a much more interesting character for everybody else, and as this episode has SO much dialogue and SO much information in it, I couldn't be happier that everybody, frankly, shut up and paid attention. I actually wish we could watch this episode twice just so everyone could retain more of the information. Exactly the reason for having the family watch the show a second time before starting Korra. ;)

I went ahead and told them some of what happened from the Search, not going into detail about the comic itself, but instead telling that that Ursa gave Ozai a poison to use on Azulon, yada yada. I think it helped. them grasp the sheer amount of story that took place in this episode, and telling the why Ursa left doesn't really spoil anything about her fate. Perhaps one day they'll be interested in reading the Promise and the Search. I can only hope. I know Aurora would sure be interested. I really need to get the comics. Anybody have any extra copies they want to send me? XD

There will be no more viewings this week, if I can help it. If you've been paying attention, you already know that I really want to come back from vacation to episode 10, and the grandness that the season has from that point onwards. So with luck, they'll understand my explanation that I want to see the next 2 episodes next week and use the lull in between episodes 9and 10 to vacation with. A simple solution for a big problem I've been facing since day 1 of these viewings. Of course, after we get back can binge watch the stuff for all I care. XD Once we get back, we're gonna hit this hard. With luck, we'll be some with the whole show by December at the latest. So yeah.Good episode, good plan. Next up, next week, so starts the Chase.

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