Okay, right off that bat, I'll admit that this is one of the more childish episodes. I mean it's got that tacked on 'what did we learn today' moral at the end, sure, but despite being a lighter episode, I think it went well. Not a whole lot of attention was paid to it, but it's kind of useless episode anyway, so no great loss. I might have skipped this one if not for two reasons. One, the pirates appear later, and two, I felt it was important to see Aang first start waterbending. Another reason I didn't sip this one is because I think we needed a light break in between Imprisoned and the next episode I plan to show, The Storm. And with that in mind, the viewing went well. Everybody liked it, but nobody really had anything to say about it, unlike the last episode. So, no analysis on what each viewer thought today.

Side note: Sokka's getting better. I like this season the least simply because it has a slow start and not much really happens, unlike the nest two, but I was worried when I showed this to my family that nobody would like Sokka. Season 1 Sokka is kind of a jerk, this much we all know. What's interesting is that upon rewatching this season again you start to see the point where Sokka turns from a kind of bland character to a more funny guy. Again, though, Season 2 is just so much better, what with Toph and Azula, and the better story telling. What can I say? I'm looking forward to getting past this awkward stage of Avatar and moving on to the best of the best. Right no, the show is liked by my family. I have a feeling that after season 2, it will become one of my family's favorites.

I'm really looking forward to the Storm an the Blue Spirit. A I have mentioned before, I think it's really important that they finally now the backstories of Aang and Zuko. I hope they pay attention during the next episode, needless to say.

On a final note, as my family vacation is coming soon and I want to finish Book 1 before them, I'm going to try to make (make isn't the right word, but still) them watch at least two episodes a week, counting the last two as one episode. So if you actually like this blog, stay tuned, and stay gold. Bang.

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