Another good viewing. This episode was apparently predictable, as mom and dad were able to guess pretty much everything that would go on, from Pakku's connection to Gran Gran, to Yue's engagement. And I'll admit, for a season final, this one is kinda bland, or at least this episode is. Still, it was enjoyed tonight. They're even starting to remember the names of Sokka and Katara.

Looking back, I'm sure you guys can admit that this episode was a bit forced. Katara is frustrated throughout the whole episode, which isn't very enjoyable, Yue's crying everywhere, Sokka's sad, and Aang's just trying to waterbend. If anything, this episode is more about Katara that it is Aang. Nott hat I mind Katara episodes, but most of them are not done very well. "The Runaway" is a better example of a good Katara episode. This one feel really forced, like they tried too hard to fast. But this may just be my opinion. But like I've always said, Book 1 is the black sheep of the show. It's awkward, not very well paced, and the first 5 episodes are kinda hard to watch after knowing the greatness of Books 2 and 3. Avatar season 1 feels very much like a kids show. It matures in the later seasons. If this was planned all along by the creators, well done Mike and Bryan. If it wasn't, still well done. XD

And as we near Book 2, I look forward to all it's twists and turns and excellent narrative. Ad as the Siege of the North takes place, I hope it keeps their interest.

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