My idea of witching this episode and the King od Omashu worked perfectly. Being has this is one of the last episodes before thing get serious, I was glad to get it out of the way. The series for the most part lacks any real drama at this point, and this is why the next episodes I'm going to show them will be the Storm and The Blue Spirit, followed by the proper episode 6, Imprisoned. And the sooner we can get to the episode Avatar Roku and learn abut the Comet, the better.

Anyway, on this episode, as Doug Walker said, plays on your expectation and changes them. My family was convinced that Sokka would not learn anything from his time spent with Suki, and that Aang would classically let the Avatar stuff get to is head, yadda yadda yadda. But no, it didn't. It was an enjoyable episode, despite not really adding to much in he overall story. While re-watching this season, it made me realize how much Aang grows just in his facial expressions as the series goes on. Being a person who's seen all 3 seasons, I assure them that the next 2 seasons are superior in every way, which of course they are. Too bad about that dvd blur, but oh well.

Overall, an enjoyable episode as the show progresses well. I hope we'll see another episode tonight.

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