Forgive this review for being a bit late, I've been tired lately. Not a whole lot to say about this episode, really. It was enjoyed, and it gave us a nice break from the heavy stuff. Good to see the team connect and breathe.

An interesting thing I did with this is that I've always thought that the Tale of Iroh should have been at the end. So what I did was I fast forwarded through Iroh's tale, and then went back to it after Momo's tale. It worked perfectly. That is the perfect note to end this episode on. Guys, if you ever show this to your parents like I'm doing, save Iroh's tale for last. It works so much better.

Despite all these stories being short and not very connected to the main arc of the season, I'm going to try to do my best to share everyone's take on them

The Tale of Toph and Katara is my least favorite, honestly. This might sound like something Sokka would say, but whenever I hear the words 'girl's day out' in a show, I cringe. Not because I'm sexist or anything, but because seeing people go to a spa is boring, frankly. However, the moment of bonding between Katara and Toph is needed, I think, and is refreshing to see after so many times we've seen them argue and bicker.

The Tale of Aang was fun, I think. And something I noticed is that, unless I'm mistaken, when Aang's making the new zoo he's earthbending while on the air scooter. I might be wrong, but is that the first time we've seen him bend two elements at once? And if so, awesome! The story itself was okay. It was enjoyed. Seeing more of the weird wildlife was fun, at least for me.

The Tale of Sokka was, I think, the least enjoyed by everyone, mostly because nobody in the family really knows what a haiku is and it was hard to explain what it is. The concept of a poetry club having a bouncer is pretty funny, but this one is so short, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone forgets about this one.

The Tale of Zuko was one of the most interesting, I think. Given that I now the transformation he's about to take, seeing him admit to himself that he had fun, even a little bit, is fantastic from a character standpoint. And it was very interesting to see that he cared enough about the girl to risk everything to light those lanterns. Had anyone seen him, it would have been all over. I wouldn't figure Zuko would take that risk. A good little story, in any case.

The Tale of Momo really shows that you can tell a good story with very little dialogue at all, and I certainly respect that. Very creative storytelling, and everybody certainly enjoyed seeing Appa again, even if he was in a dream. People miss Appa, and that's a good thing since the next episode is nothing but Appa. Very good. Momo's tale itself is a bit bland, but that reveal of Appa's footprint at the end was good, and if Iroh's tale wasn't as good as it is, Momo's tale would be a good ending to the episode.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

The Tale of Iroh. I hyped this one up very much when I explained why I was fast forwarding through Iroh's tale the first time, saying 'once you see it, you'll understand why this one has to be at the end.' Of course, compared to Appa's footprint, at first this story didn't seem tat special to anyone for the first few minutes, but the quickly changed their tune when they saw what Iroh was doing on that hilltop. However, there is some sad news to this, everyone was busy eating and looking at their food when the text 'In Honor of Mako' came on screen. :( Very sad. This one is a tearjerker. I'll admit, I often cry when I watch it by myself. It's too bad they didn't get the full impact of it all. Sigh. D:

Here's hoping that they do pay attention to the next episode as we delve into that Appa's been up to. And maybe in a year or so, we'll revisit the show again and they'll get more out of it the second time around. I'd much prefer we do that before we see Korra, if we see Korra.

Oh, before I forget again, my friend Aurora finished Book 3, and I can safely say she absolutely loves the show now. Guys, one thing I can't stress enough is that if your parents aren't interested in the show, lend it to some of your friends who might be interested. I'd gladly lend my DVDS to any of my friends from age 10 to 99, and I think every one of them would find something to enjoy it in. Share this amazing program with as many people as you can, warn them of the horror that is Shyamalan, and let them explore this fantastic world, if you can. The world needs more Avatar fans. And I think if we heed the lessons this show has to teach, and pass it down to our children, I daresay we can make this world a better place, full of kinder wiser people. Some would say such an idea is doomed to fail, but I say we must try.

Many thanks for reading, everyone.

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