Exactly what I thought would happen. This episode was loved Yes, I'll admit, everybody was a bit distracted as my cat got his belly cut somehow, and let's just say my family loves this cat, but still, everybody watched very intently and enjoyed it greatly. You may notice that I moved the episode up a couple, before Jet and the Great Divide, sure, but that's because it is SO important to get the information seen in this episode out ASAP. I actually wish that these episode had come like 3 episodes earlier. Now that they know Aang and Zuko's backstories and motives they can better appreciate the overall plot and arc of the show. Jet can be seen later. Jet is an episode you can pretty much view anytime and it makes sense. The Storm NEEDS to be seen asap. I promise you that now my family will be much more interested in Zuko as a character, and as a villain. You guys can argue this new episode order all you want, but the sooner you see a villain's motives, the sooner you'll actually give a damn.

Granted, it WAS a mistake putting "Imprisoned" in between "Avatar Roku" and "The Waterbending scroll", I'll admit to that. But for the most part nobody really cared. Heck, they paid attention to this episode, and were genuinely invested in it, and that's more than I can say for "The Waterbendng scroll". And in the end I think it's more important for them to know how Aang got in that Iceberg and how Zuko got that scar rather then focusing on the pirates.

Anyway, in conclusion, a very good viewing of a very god episode, and I guess I'll see you guys on the next one, whenever that is. Hopefully in a couple of days. Sorry this one is so short, there's just not much to say. The episode speaks for itself.

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