YEs, I know. Imprisoned came before this, but I changed the order for one simple reason: the plot needed to get here sooner. I really needed to get to the reveal of Sozin's comet ASAP for the sake of interest from mom and pop. Some might say I should have shown Imprisoned before this because of Katara's necklace, but I have a theory. You can show any episode without the necklace before imprisoned and nobody will care. However, people will notice the lack of necklace AFTER Imprisoned. And this was the case here, nobody noticed the absence of the necklace.

Anyway, onto the episode itself. The viewing of this one went really well, actually. Because the episode was more invested in itself, the audience was more invested in it as well. They're really looing forward to the next episode, which I hope we'll see tomorrow, and they enjoyed it very much, even if they may have missed some of the more important points. I don't thin they're that interested in Zuko right now, which is reasonable since Zuko is a bit boring in the first half of the season. Book two, as we all know, is where Iroh and Zuko really pick up as characters. The series is picking up. Very good.

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