A fantastic viewing, Everyone paid attention to what was happening, and spoke little all the way through. However, they had unfortunately forgotten about Heibai and the Blue Spirit, so had to try my best to explain what I could to help them remember. I can only hope that the "Previously on Avatar" introductions of the next books will help them remember more of the show's plot points. This viewing surprisingly, spawned actual discussion about Zuko's character arc. My mother ha suspicions that Zuko might turn good, and that should make the end of Book 2 especially interesting for her. Everyone agreed that they did not expect Yue's death, and honestly this finale was had far fewer clichés than the episode before it. My father was only able to guess that Han was Yue's fiancé, but he wasn't able to predict any of the major plot points. I'm not even sure they remember who Roku is.

Koh was especially enjoyed, eerie as he is. My sister compared her to Shellob from the Lord of the Rings at first, but as we saw more of his character everyone agreed he was creepy as all heck. Also, Azula's reveal was handled VERY well, and everyone is looing forward to seeing more of her. Her and her posse should be interesting for them to see. I predict all three of them will be hated for their inability to lose.

I think Iroh is turning into one of the most beloved characters in the show for everybody. We can al see why, of course. Iroh is awesome, and I have a feeling his Tale in Ba Sing Se might just jerk some tears. I have a nice plan for that episode' viewing, as you'll all see. Oh yes, I have a great plan indeed that will make Iroh's tale have special importance.

Not a whole lot to say about Aang and Katara, really, but I think Sokka an Zuko got a lot of nice development. And Iroh too, since we just now found about his son. Very nice

Finally, we are done with Book 1. I would compare it to finishing the chocolate cookie on an Oreo. Now that we're done with the cookie part, we can get to the cream filling of Books 2 and 3. Here's hoping that that will go well. Onwards to the Earth Kingdom! Stay Gold.

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