This was a pretty bland episode. :/ Not much to say at all, really. The viewing went well, I guess, but this episode had a lot less information in it to pay attention to than the last one. Nobody really remembered Suki at all, and everyone only vaguely remembered Jet. I was afraid this might happen. Still, everyone paid attention, and tried to fill in the blanks. Hopefully they'll remember Suki next time. A least they remembered Jet a little bit. The little hints of Toph liking Sokka were noticed, though. I ship them, personally, and I think most everyone will agree they make a nice couple by the end of the show. Perhaps Korra will confirm they got together at some point, eh? :D

I guess I got my wish, though. For the most part, nobody said anything, so that's good. But at the same time, this is an episode they could have talked through since not much happens with the Gaang that's really important. I'm sorry, but coming off of an episode as intense as the Desert, how can anything tis slow seem as interesting? There's a reason it was put on the list of worst episodes by the Nostalgia Critic. But I do think the stuff with Iroh and Zuko was somewhat interesting. Would have been MORE interesting if the family knew who Jet was, but still. Iroh said some nice stuff, though. I kinda wish this episode had been more about them. I think when it comes t episodes like this, Doug Walker put it best when he said even when the show isn't great, it still has great things in it. That is certainly true here, And with a little tweaking, maybe this could have been one of the greats. But we got what we got, and now we can move on to better episodes. We should be watching The Drill around Sunday or Monday, I think, so that should be fun.

Sorry this one is short, guys. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all later. Stay Gold.

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