I really like this episode.

While I'm not sure if the misleading intro it a cheat or not, but in any case, I do like this episode a lot.

I could see that everyone was a little fooled by this episode as they thought it'd just be noting but Katara and Toph fighting. But they evolve really nicely, I think, and by the end they really feel more like friends than they ever had before. I don't know how well the other picked up on this, but it was nice to see Toph finally start to open up a bit towards the rest of the team, and try to be friends with Katara. This episode also had some darn good writing, especially that scene where Sokka talks with Toph about his mom. Also a lot of good jokes, my personal favorite being "I know you guys did this! Toph can't write!"

One thing I wish had been in the episode was if Aang was more against cheating people. He's a monk. He shouldn't be as for it as he is. Sure, some might say that'd make Aang more boring, and I'm not saying he should always be the stick in the mud, but he should've at least mentioned 'we shouldn't be doing this'. I mean, he broke an Avatar promise. I don't even know what that is, but Aang still shouldn't be doing it.

So all together, good episode, and it was enjoyed by everyone in one way or another.

But... what happened to Hawky?! D:

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