If the previous episode's viewing was poor, this one was anything but. There was some talking throughout the first few moments, but for the bulk of the episode everybody paid a lot of attention. Every 'Momoment' was enjoyed, and I think Momo is slowly joining the ranks of Appa as one of the most beloved characters. I forgot how epic the battle was in this episode, and not surprisingly, the cinematography reminded me a lot of a world war I/II air fight. Even more the actual airplane battle of Book 1 Korra.

As mentioned before, I hope to try to finish Book 1 this week, watching the Waterbending Master maybe on Wednesday, taking a 1 day break, and finishing up the Siege of the North on Friday night, maybe. Or seeing nothing on Wednesday and seeing TWM on Thursday and TSofN 1&2 on Friday. Not sure. In any case, September will be the month of Book 2, minus vacation time late in the month.

This was undoubtedly one of the better Book 1 episodes. I am pleased with how this viewing turned out. I'm surprised its going this well after the outburst from my father before. Perhaps it doesn't matter anymore, but I doubt it. In any case, I don't thin I have heard the last of these problems. Oh well. :( Thanks for reading guys. Be sure to leave your comments. I love feedback and criticism. Stay gold, guys.

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