Back at last from a very successful vacation, the details of which I won't bore you about. Let's just say that after such a long break, everyone was more than happy to resume viewing the show, and I assure you nobody was disappointed. The viewing of this episode was about as good as I could ever hope for. All the jokes worked, Toph is becoming more and more of character, Wan Shi Tong was amazing to see on the big screen, and OMG APPA NO!!! D: Seriously, everyone was shocked at Appa's fate. I was hoping that such a striking ending would make everyone want to see the next episode right away, but sadly this wasn't the case. Still, everyone is excited for tomorrow's episode, so that's better than nothing.

What more is there to say than it went well? Well, I suppose if I had to say some negative things about the viewing it would be my father. He talked throughout the first few minutes on how good cherry pie is at the mention of the Air Nomad's 'agricultural products', and also made several anti-Mexican and Muslim comments whenever the sandbenders appeared. :/ My father is not the most culturally sensitive man ever, I'm sure many of you guys can relate to that. Matter of fact, I'd say he's pretty blatantly racist at times, though he won't admit to that.

Another thing I'm VERY annoyed at is my sister. Let's just say we had some family troubles that spoiled my night and quite possibly everyone else's. How rude. Did I deserve it? Possibly, but that doesn't warrant the hissy-fit she had. Oh well. Perhaps not that she got that out of her system it won't happen again. You guys probably didn't need to know all that, but it felt good to vent my frustrations.

Good news with my friend, you know, Aurora? She and her son finished Book 2 while I was away, and are now on the second half of Book 3. They just finished the Day of Black sun, and at the rate they're marathoning through the show, they should be done maybe by next week. An interesting thing to note is that before I loaned her the second disc and beyond of Book 2, Avatar was just a 'good' show to her. After seeing just the rest of Book 2, it became an 'awesome' show. : ) And I think a similar experience is going to happen to my family. This episode marks the turning point from good to grand, and it stays at this high quality pretty much consistently until the end. I look forward to seeing were it all goes, and boy does it feel good to be back. Take care, guys. Stay Gold.

Also, tune in Friday for my review of the next episode of Korra.

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