Yes, I know the Warriors of Kyoshi tales place before this. See my post on episode order for more explanation. I switched the 2 because I thought it would be best for the new audience here gets to see Sokka be something besides a sexist jerk befoe the major character development goes on. Also, Zuko's ship was almost destroyed in the second episode, and it's just getting fixed in episode 3. And since Zuko is absent in this episode and not in the real #4 episode of the Warriors of Kyoshi, it only makes sense for the lack of Zuko to happen as his ship is getting repaired.

Anyway, the viewing of this episode was delayed a lot. We had not seen an episode for a whole week after seeing the first 3 episodes in 3 days. Thankfully, my suspicions that the series had fallen out of favor was not the case, and the episode was see only last night (The Southern Air Temple was seen about a week ago, I just posted late) . It is interesting to note that the show's casual name around the house has gone from "Airboy" to 'Airbender." Very nice, and respectful.

The episode, being mostly comedy was received well. The family got a little chuckle out of the Kangaroo Island joke, though was oddly silent at Sokka's 'Rocky' comment. The challenges of King Bumi were fun to watch, and Bumi himself was well liked by all. However, my family does have a bit of a problem of talking during important dialogue, and not paying attention sometimes. The flashback to 12-year-old Bumi and Aang was a but confusing for them, but hopefully this will fade has we get later in the series.

One last note, Books 2 and 3 just came in the mail today. It is good to have all the show in nice HD (for 2 and 3, at least). :) Mako out

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