This episode was... disappointing, to say the least. While kinda funny, the real meat to the story was with Zuko and Iroh, and for that reason I didn't skip it. I do think the episode has some merit, as it shows Aang planting the seed of rebellion in the Fire Nation Youth.

One small thing I noticed that seems off to me is when all the kids put on their sashes as headbands, their voices all sound really weird. Like the director wanted their kid to make a cameo or something. I'm not being hard on the show unfairly, thy just seem really poorly acted and out of place to me. But of course they hardly ruin this episode. What does that is the plot. As Doug Walker said, Footloose? Really, Avatar? I swear, not a soul believed me when I said that that was the basic idea behind this episode, but they it happened nonetheless That was the best idea you could think of? The only things of substance in this episode are Zuko's side story, and maybe the team getting their fire nation clothes. Besides that, this episode is pretty much filler, and kind of inappropriate following such an intense episode as the last one. Although, maybe it was worth watching just for the famous, the amazing, WANG FIRE! XD I love that so much.

The overall viewing for this episode went well, thankfully, and we can move on. We will be skipping The Painted Lady, as it contains nothing of substance, nor does anyone really evolve during it. It is filler, and filler must be skipped for time. And with all the two-praters and the immense series-final, my, my, this season will be short. As was this review.

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