This entry wil be short and sweet, because as you guys have no doubt noticed by now, when viewings go well, there's often little to say about them.

If the viewing of the previous episode was about as bad as can be, this viewiing was standard, and thankfully uneventful. But that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyed. Everyone both enjoyed it, and payed close attention to many things I noticed. For the most part I stayed silent and let everyone enjoy the show. However, I did mention one point from Doug Walker I found really interesting, and that's when Zuko wakes up from his fever dream and feels his scar, with both relief and disappointment going through his mind.

The fight scenes are awesome in this one, too. The charge of the Earth Palace is one of my favorites scenes in this season, because of the coordination and brilliant execution of it all. I'm very glad this episode was enjoyed. Of course, no matter how happy the ending, it certainly all goes to heck at the end. Thankfully everyone recognized Azula through the Kyoshi Warrior makeup. I was worried about that.

Another thing that I like what this episode did was that it focused on the political aspect of things a lot. Going into detail about the workings of a Kingdom, and showing an excellent parallel between the troubles of the Earth Kingdom and much of our own history. Seeing somethig like corruption truly makes this world feel much mroe real, far from the idealistic perfct palaces we often pictures when we think of kings and royalty.

Being as my father as a habit of racial jokes, I only hope that he has the respect both to me and the show to reframe from making such comments during the next episode, as the great Guru Pathik does what he does best, and shows us an amazing something from another culture; the Chakra system. I hope.

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