Seems in spite of my fears for the show (See my pervious blog post), the viewings of Avatar will continue. However, the viewing for this episode didn't go so well. I think mostly it is because this is kind of a bad episode. Book 1 seems to have a lot of those. Everybody was very distracted while watching this episode, an most of the first half was talked over by pointless conversation. That's sad, I think, because there were some good jokes in the first 10 minutes. As the episode want on, more and more gradual interest arose, and by the time Aang started training, there was some genuine concern, I think So if anything maybe this viewing can be called a slow start rather than a failure. My dad actually guessed the idea that Zhao's boats might get burned down, though my mother didn't seem to be paying much attention, as she thought Zuko was Jeong Jeong's student, completely forgetting where Zuko got his scar from. -_- Sigh. That's like forgetting Darth Vader is Luke's father. How do you forget something like that???

We're getting very close to the end of Book 1, obviously, and I can't wait. I've probably said that before, but it's true. By about episode 5 of the second season, the show really becomes outstanding. Call me inpatient, but I just want to get to the best ASAP, you know? And I hope such an action packed, and tightly connected season like Book 2 might make it where they actually shut up when the episode starts because they care enough to fine out where the plot is going. Being as they really like Appa, I think everything after "the Library" hey should pay special attention to.

This is also what I like to call a "Sokka is a dick" episode. He wasn't very likeable at all, you guys know this. Even Aang wasn't very likeable. Overall, not a very good episode to come back to after such a long break. I hope as we approach the finale, their attention span will pick up, and they'll be interested. I hope. With luck, we might even finish Book 1 this week. Let's see what happens. Next up, Northern Air Temple. Stay gold, guys.

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