Yep, this was a good episode, and a good viewing. Kind of had the same problems as last time, what with people talking during the first few moments and in certain parts where it was inappropriate, and I think that made everyone miss some of the more subtle things said. Nothing major, I hope. Maybe this problem will die down once they realize 'hey, maybe I should pay attention to this epic story that I'm watching instead of talking about cats'. That would be nice, you know? At least we'll be seeing another episode tomorrow. Nothing during the weekend, though.

But yeah, this was a great episode. The look of it, the way they used colors and shading, all fantastic. I don't think anyone anticipated how pissed off Aang would be. I mean, this is his lowest point throughout the entire show. Just look at what happens when that vulture-wasp takes Momo. He not only gets Momo back, but he chases the thing down, and quite possibly kills it! I mean, it's hard to get any more pissed off than that. They really made Aang work in this episode. His pain feels real, especially if you personally have ever had a close connection with an animal. Poor Appa. Poor Aang.

Compared to Aang in this episode, what else can come even close to being as awesome? Sokka on cactus juice was funny for everyone, and there were even some good Momoents. And while the real meat of this episode is what the Gaang is doing, Zuko and Iroh's subplot was equally enjoyed, I think. I had already mentioned the Order of the White Lotus before when my mother asked about it, and while a spoiler, I think knowing about the OotWL beforehand helped everyone grasp the situation. Still not sure if they remember that those 2 guys are after Toph, though. I'll try to remind them, maybe.

The climax of the episode, if you could call it that, was surprisingly done with little dialogue. I forgot how well they handled this. Even Katara, who usually talks a lot during these times says nothing and just lets her face do the talking. And she looks SO tired and beaten down, I almost feel sorry for her, and everyone else. After watching this episode YOU feel tired, you know? Again, the animation in this episode really speaks for itself. And thankfully for the most part everyone stayed quiet long enough to let it speak for itself.

Forgot to mention in the last one that the recaps are sure helping. How much so? Well, everyone had completely forgotten about Sozin's Comet until the last recap, so yeah, they're helpful. XD

Also for some reason my father found some kind of sexual metaphor in Iroh's line 'One who has eaten the fruit and tasted it's mysteries.' What is it with my dad and his inability to just keep quiet during Avatar? His comments aren't exactly helpful to the show's viewing.

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