The only problems that occurred were with the episode itself, not the family. What I mean by that is that for the first 10 minutes, it seems, the majority of what happens on screen is arguing and complaining. Now, I'm not one to get annoyed by that since I've seen the whole show and know where it goes. But it was a bit awkward opening to nothing but arguing between the team, one of the main reasons we skipped the Great Divide, and it was only Toph's eventual redemption at the end that makes this acceptable. That being said, this was the only real problem, and the rest of the episode was fantastic. It's action, it's development, my God, the scenes with Iroh, all amazingly written and executed. Everybody paid close attention and watched intently, as seems to be the norm. So while it had a slow start, all went well, really, and I think everyone is looking forward to the next chapter.

Toph still feels a bit alien to the group right now, but I think that that'll get better after the next episode. While they probably can't remember the names, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee are all working well as villains, as well, and after that last episode, everyone's respect for Zuko has gone up 10 fold. And of course, everybody loves Iroh. How couldn't you? These great characters are being just that, great characters, and I think everyone can see and appreciate that, even when the going gets rough and some of it is a awkward. And ultimately, the ends justify the means.

One thing I want to mention that I probably should have mentioned in the last episode review is that the "Previously on Avatar' intros are helping out a lot, even though we've only seen a couple. It's the perfect refresher that my family needs to absorb as much as possible. I kinda wish they had been present in the first season, and I hope that they do a good job of reminding everyone of characters like Jet, Suki, and Haru, as I can't expect Mom and Dad to remember every one-time character in the hopes they might come back. All the more reason to have them watch the show again one day, and soak up more of it

Expect a long break after the next episode, guys, which well probably tomorrow or the 23rd. But in about 2 weeks, at the latest, we'll be hitting the series hard with The Library, and watching 3-4 episodes every week after that. Maybe more depending on 2-parters. That may be a long time, but I'm sure you guys will find something to do in that time. Use that time to binge-read some of my reviews you might not have had time for, maybe. XD I gave Aurora the first disc of Book 2 the other day, ad she's probably already watched that, so after the next episode we see I'll loan her both the rest of Book 2 and all of Book 3. With luck, by the time I get back from vacation, she'll either be done or close to done, and there should be much good news to report about her viewings. Take care, guys. Until next time.

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