The laughs this episode produced amongst the family was awesome. As soon as the hippies came on screen, the laughs started, and everyone kept on laughing until the episode ended. Chong served his purpose well, and complimented Sokka perfectly. Together, they made people laugh, and laugh they did. I'm genuinely surprised how much this episode was enjoyed. Everybody seemed a bit apprehensive at first about watching another Avatar so soon after the last one, but as much as this episode was enjoyed, hopefully they'll actually WANT to see the next one ASAP to find out what happens in Omashu, maybe tomorrow night, even. Fingers crossed.

The reveal of Omashu's capture. wasn't really appreciated much though. :( This is mostly due to the fact that they have pretty much forgotten everything that happened in the first 10 or so episodes of Book 1. This is sad. I wish we could rewatch some of the old episodes during dinner, but there sadly just isn't enough time, not before the trip in any case. That road trip might provide many complications as the weeks go on. Maybe I can watch them myself in the hope they'll overhear some of the dialogue and fill in the blanks. Probably not, though. Too little Avatar, they'll forget everything. Too much, and they won't want to see anymore. These viewings walk a thin line. Here's hoping I can make it work.

Zuko and Iroh's subplot, despite being shorter and milder that the main plot, was still enjoyed by everyone. I promised that Iroh and Zuko would become better and more interesting characters in Book 2, and they can already see that that's true. Uncle Iroh is becoming one of the family's favorite characters be far as the episodes go by, to the point where he might even outrank Appa on the likeness scale. Very good indeed. They'll enjoy the Tales of Ba Sing Se, and probably be disappointed at Zuko's actions at the end of this season.

My sister, once again, stuck around and watched the show despite her claiming she 'finds it boring'. However, she pays enough attention to it to laugh at all the jokes it makes, so she's clearly somewhat interested. Why she's so against enjoying the show, I have no idea. Heck, 6 months ago she had a negative opinion about the show, and she hadn't even seen a single episode at that point. Yeah, people shouldn't put much stock in what she has to say about the show, and thank Raava that Mom and Dad have not.

Well, so far, so good. An important note, I've decided not to skip and/or rearrange any of the episodes in Book 2. My doing it for Book 1 was arguably necessary, but the construction of Book 2 is just too perfect to change anything. Book 3 is a different case, as I can see at least one episode that can be skipped without missing anything, but we'll look at that as we come to it. And so next time, we're going to Return to Omashu. Wish us luck as we meet Mai, Ty Lee, and learn the fate of Bumi. Stay gold.

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