Alright, well, as anyone who's read my previous post knows, I have decided to show my parents Avatar TLA and let them experience it. I was wondering and almost fearing how I would present it t them, as they are a bit suspicious of cartoons. As it turned out, I didn't have to. I had received the box set of Book 1 in the mail off of ebay last Friday. I took the out of the box so tat the inner case artwork of the Northern after Tribe showed proudly, and added more mystery to what it was about. I set it besides the 50" LCD TV along with some of the other TV show box sets on the table (The Rockford Files, Magnum P.I, Kung Fu, Have Gun, Will Travel, Etc.) After a while, it aroused natural suspicion and tonight, my father finally asked me what it was.

I gave him a bit of information of the general concept, and everybody liked the idea of seeing the first couple of episodes. I had concerns, of course. For one, the first 2 episodes are among the most juvenile of the series, and of course the DVD suffered from the blurriness that all book 1 DVDs have. I hope this isn't a factor later on.

Anyway, the episodes were scene, and generally liked, despite fuzz and more child-like nature of them. I can honestly say my whole family enjoyed it, and liked the action as much as the laughs, which were plentiful. I have told them that it really picks up in episode 3, which of course it does. I hope that we shall see the next episode soon, and that it too goes smoothly. What that, see you all next time.

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