Once again coming to you right after watching the episode, but there's not a whole lot to say about this one, sadly. But while that may not be good for a long blog post, it is good to hear for the sake of the show. This episode was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who watched it. My sister went to bed early, so she has no comments to mention, negative or otherwise. Mom and dad sure liked it, though. There was no taking between them about dinner or anything minor like that, just watching and enjoying and, most importantly, listening. And with such an action packed episode, them paying attention was very appreciated.

The reveal of Zuko wasn't anticipated by anyone, I think. I'm doing my best to make sure I don't spoil anything, and that's not easy since I love talking about the show. They're getting more and more invested as an audience, so much so that I think we'll be seeing episodes that aren't two-parters as one episode, like "The Library" and "The Desert", which can and I think should be seen together. Indeed, this is very promising. We might even finish up Book 1 sooner than I expected by watching three a week instead of two. The interest is certainly there. Let's see how his week goes.

One thing everyone says is that they don't want Appa to die. They think he might die because I mentioned a while ago that he gets captured and such. They asked me what happens, and I didn't say anything either way. Looking for any threat to Appa might actually be making them be more invested, I'm not sure. And if it is, then such a slight spoiler did it's job well. XD Seeing "The Library" should be interesting indeed.

Next up: the postponed "Jet". Had to move it around to get to the Storm that much sooner, and now it's coming. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after. Stay gold, guys.

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