Seems you guys should get used to us taking a 3-4 day break from watching episodes over the weekends. No biggie, though. One can only handle so much Avatar, so we need our breaks. That is exactly why we're unable to watch marathons of the show, as nobody is that interested really. The only time we've watched more then 1 episode is when I stressed that it was necessary, the Siege of the North, and even then they were not very happy at first about watching 2, wishing instead to get to their other programs, like movies and such, as we always watch Avatar first. I hope this will change by Sozin's Comet

Anyway, on to this episode. It was good. That's about t, honestly. All the jokes worked for a chuckle, and everyone seemed to like Toph. The fight scenes were all excellent, and everyone paid attention to the dialogue and had a good time. The Boulder left nice impact, and I look forward to using his name in jokes. My impression of him is pretty good, I think, and what could be funnier than saying something like "The Boulder grows hungry from this constant talk of food" in everyday conversation?

I think Toph had a good first impression, even if she did run away from home (A plot point I don't thin my parents are very fond of). This is good to hear, as I was kind of dreading what might happen if Toph wasn't liked right away. She would have been hated, as she can get pretty unlikeable sometimes, such as in "The Chase". But this episode did her justice, and I think that Toph might just become one of everyone's favorites by the time we get to the end. Interestingly enough, at first glance everyone thought she was a boy. Huh. My dad also attributes Toph's love of fighting to her gender. I'm not sure if I should find that funny or rude.

Really looking forward to the next episode. I love me some Zuko, and the western-like atmosphere of "Zuko Alone" should win everybody over.

Off topic, but man does Toph's dad look like Nicolas Cage. I mean seriously, look at that. Scary 0_o

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